Homemade Spreadable Butter

This after­noon I decided to try some­thing new — spread­able but­ter. We have been giv­ing in and buy­ing the tubs of mar­garine not only because of the cheaper cost, but also because you can actu­ally spread the but­ter. After a few gross facts about mar­garine though, we’ve decided to buckle down and just use but­ter. How­ever, there are few things more irri­tat­ing than rip­ping a whole in your pan­cake with hard butter!

So, I found a few recipes for spread­able but­ter and tweaked it all together to fit what I wanted.

There are only three ingre­di­ents needed: But­ter, oil and water. Salt is optional, but I added about 3/4 tsp. to mine and was happy with the taste of it. You can use dif­fer­ent types of oil, any­thing from saf­flower to olive oil. I decided I didn’t want the heav­ier taste of olive oil for my first batch, so I used veg­etable oil.

 ~ This recipe makes about 2 cups (just a lit­tle more than 2 cups)

You need:
    2 sticks soft­ened but­ter, salted or unsalted
    1/2 cup oil (veg­etable, olive, saf­flower, etc.)
    1/4 cup water
Place the but­ter in a mixer equipped with wire whips. Whip on high speed for 2 min­utes, paus­ing fre­quently to scrape the sides of the bowl down.

 With the mixer run­ning on low speed, slowly pour the oil down the side of the bowl. Mix until thor­oughly com­bined; make sure you scrape the bot­tom of the bowl.

Repeat the same steps for adding the water. After mix­ing in the water, you can add 3/4 tsp. of sea salt, but this is optional.

Whip on high speed for one minute. Fin­ished! The mix­ture should now resem­ble pud­ding, but this will become firm (but still spread­able) after it is chilled for a few hours.

I was very happy with the results; it was very easy and only took a few min­utes. But­ter prob­lem solved!

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  1. says

    I’ve been buy­ing the stuff in the tubs since read­ing all the gross mar­garine facts, as well, but that stuff is so dang expen­sive. I’m all over this. Thank you!

  2. says

    I’ll have to try this! nor­mally I just leave the but­ter on the counter as we go through it fairly fast. lol But in the win­ter it still gets to hard to spread.

  3. says

    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for this post! Just 2 days ago my hus­band men­tioned that we were almost out of spread­able but­ter — I have stick but­ter on hand but no one wanted to use it. There’s one lit­tle pat of spread­able but­ter in the con­tainer and I was won­der­ing if there was a way to just make my stick but­ter “spread­able” style; I hadn’t had time to research it yet