Nutrimill & Nutrimill Parts

NOTE: We do NOT ship machines or parts inter­na­tion­ally. U.S. cus­tomers only.

 The importer fre­quently does qual­ity inspec­tions on Nutrim­ills by open­ing the car­ton and reseal­ing. If you have ques­tions when your mill arrives just drop us an email.


The Nutrim­ill

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The Nutrimill

The Nutrim­ill Home Grain Mill

See our Nutrim­ill Demo here!

Our fam­ily needed the fastest home mill with the high­est capac­ity. The Nutrim­ill has proven to be a reli­able source for great milling in our home!

Newest fea­tures include bet­ter flow of grain and flour, no clog­ging or jam­ming, more secure direct flow cou­pling between milling heads and flour can­is­ter, cooler milling (118 on medium wheat set­ting) and less after milling residue.

The Nutrim­ill is the finest high speed impact mill avail­able. Super fine to meal coarse, its stain­less steel milling heads truly pro­duce a Tru­GrindTM. Wheat, beans, corn, rice, oats, and other grains, fine to coarse, come out per­fectly ground at your con­trol. Wheat on the full coarse set­ting makes a con­sis­tency like corn­meal, per­fect for cream of wheat type cereals.

The widely adjustable tex­ture con­trol and vari­able speed motor is at your fin­ger­tips. For an excel­lent corn­meal just adjust to low speed (Top dial for speed con­trol) with a coarse grind (bot­tom dial for tex­ture con­trol), add the pop­corn and mill away!

The Nutrim­ill can be stopped or started with grain in the hop­per, it does not have to be on first before adding your grain. The Nutrimill’s lid adds for qui­eter milling, but it can be com­pared to the sound of a vac­uum cleaner.

  • *Will not mill oily seeds, nuts, cof­fee beans, sugar, dried fruits, dates, raisins, or flaxseed.


The largest capac­ity for a home mill, with the hop­per exten­sion, the ratio is 1 to 1. One level hop­per of grain = One bowl of flour. A 20 cup capac­ity bowl, or you may do less.

  • Vari­able Speed­Tex­ture Control
  • 3X Air­FlowTM
  • Force FlowT­MAir Chamber
  • Tru­GrindT­M­Milling Heads
  • TruFeedT­M­Grain Control
  • Lim­ited Life­time Warranty!


Nutrim­ill Flour Bagger

The NEW bag­ger attach­ment is a great acces­sory to the Nutrim­ill (sold above) and lets you grind fresh flour right into a freezer safe bag, with no flour-transfer mess.


Flour Bagger DiagramMulti-Grain Stor­age

Acces­sory Flour Bag­ger attaches right to the L’EQUIP Nutrim­ill (Nutrim­ill sold sep­a­rately). This new attach­ment brings a world of milling options.

Mill Right Into a Freezer Safe Bag with­out the Mess!


  •  Easy clean up
  • Pro­tect whole grain nutri­ents, using “Freezer Safe” bags
  • Large capac­ity stor­age bags let you mill more grain — less often
  • Fresh bags of whole grain flour make per­fect gifts
  • Includes 10 heavy duty, zip top, freezer safe bags
  • Replace­ment bags available
  • Made in the USA

The Nutr­mill upper milling sec­tion detaches right from the base. (The knob on the back of the mill releases the upper milling sec­tion.) The upper milling sec­tion is placed on the bag­ging base. The new bag­ger attach­ment fits any Nutrim­ill hav­ing the square flour out­let (under the milling cham­ber.) It will not work with the ear­lier pro­duc­tion of mills hav­ing a round flour outlet.

Five Parts Included:

Mill Adapter, Bag­ging Ring, Dust Fil­ter, Sep­a­ra­tor Cup, and Sup­port Pail.

Also, you receive 10 freezer bags, each can hold a hop­per of milled wheat. More may be pur­chased sep­a­rately or other freezer bags may be used.

Nutrim­ill Parts -

We do sell these Nutrim­ill parts — you’ll need to call to order them. For other parts, please can con­tact us and we’ll do our best.

Sep­a­ra­tor Cup -

The plas­tic cup that fits under the Nutrim­ill lid.

Gas­ket — Min­i­mum order — 2

The rub­ber ring attached to the lid.  This gas­ket is glued in place on the new mills.  Replace­ment would require you to have to remove this gas­ket, which may not be nec­es­sary unless it’s damaged.

Fil­ter — Sold in a set of 5 only

The black fil­ter that sits on top of the lid.  This needs replac­ing if it gets crunchy from wash­ing flour out.  We usu­ally tap ours out instead of get­ting it wet.

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