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Make Better Vegetable Beef Soup From Scratch

We love soup from scratch! Homemade soup is easy, repeat that phrase. I don’t think we’ve had canned soup for 15 years, it’s just too simple to make your own from scratch. Many soups are incredibly easy, but I’ll focus this post on how to Make Better Vegetable Beef Soup from Scratch! Note: I cook for …

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Spicy Cheese Bacon Tarts

If you need a tasty mini appetizer for a party, these Mini Bacon and Cheese Tarts are great. Because of the size, they can be time consuming, so you can make up the batter and put the pie crust in the tart pans the day before your party.  For this recipe I used 3 different types …

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hot spinach dip

Hot Spinach Dip | Holiday Appetizer

Hot spinach dip is a new family party favorite! Spinach dip is one of those childhood memories to me. It was one of those favorite dip/appetizers that was always at big family gatherings, birthdays and christmas parties. I upgraded it this year – tons of flavor (without using a soup/dip mix), and it’s baked to …

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