Easy Knit Dishcloth Pattern Video

Welcome beginning knitters!  Today, I’m sharing my video on how to make this Easy Pattern Knit Dishcloth. There are no step-by-step pictures outside of the video. I did include the key and pattern instructions below the video.

For a beginning knitter, I actually started with a doll pattern because it’s what I needed to do last year. I’ve learned quite a few things since then and found that knitting is much like quilting when we are talking about instructions. There are a lot of things that are ‘assumed’ when knitting.

For example, most instructions on a pattern assume you know how the two most basic knit stitches are made. In making a knit stitch, the yarn is behind the needle, and when you make a purl stitch the yarn is brought forward in front of the needle.

This pattern does not contain any purling. But I thought I would give you an example. Also, as you work through each row of the pattern, your work is turned over, working on either the right or wrong side of the piece. (I talk about that in the video!) This pattern seems to have a wrong side but it’s really hard to tell as the entire pattern is worked in knit.

Ok, that’s enough for a beginner! Let’s get started.

This easy pattern knit dishcloth is strictly casting on, knit (K), knit 2 together (K2TOG), and yarn over (YO), casting off and securing your thread. EASY, did I say easy? Yes, I did, and you can do it!

My instructions are only in the video. I won’t be posting images here, just the pattern rows which are below the video.

Instructions – all shown in the video above! 4.5mm – 5.0mm Key: K (knit), K2TOG (knit 2 together), YO (yarn over), *repeat to the end.Cast on 4 stitches. Row 1: K.Row 2: K2, YO, *K to 46 stitches. (Increasing!)Row 3: K1, K2TOG, YO, K2TOG, * to 4 stitches. (Decreasing!)Cast off the last 4 st, bind off. (All in the video!)

I hope you enjoy this easy lesson in knitting!


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