Fall Charm Quilted Table Runner | A Free Pattern

A little something from my sewing table this fall… my Fall Charm quilted table runner.

fall charm quilted table runner

Isn’t that fun? I love all of the prints I used from Moda charm pack “Perfectly Seasoned” by Sandy Gervais. So fun with all of the purple and orange prints together!


This Fall Charm quilted table runner was a very quick project. I completed the piecing during a couple of nap times (mommy win!) and kept the quilting super simple so quilting only took one afternoon. I love little hand embroidered details like this…


But embroidery is optional. The runner is lovely without it. So, if you’re feeling an urge to sew something pretty and fast for your Thanksgiving table (or Christmas/winter, whatever you like), I’ve put together a quick pattern for you! The pattern is simple and you use your favorite methods for quilting and finishing with binding. I did not include instructions/design for the extra embroidery I did on the runner top as it was a last little optional touch I added.

fall charm quilted table runner

Helpful Links for Fall Charm Table Runner

Here are a few helpful links for finishing the Fall Charm Quilted Table Runner…

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I hope you enjoy the pattern… and send us pictures of your finished project! ~ Jessica

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