Felt Poinsettia Ornament – Easy!

Felt Poinsettia Ornament

I could be wrong, but Christmas seems to fly by more than it did when I was 10. I don’t mean the wait for presents, I don’t remember squirming much about that. We had so much fun doing the other things, the whole season was fun to soak in. I remember having a lot of days to make Christmas cards, bake cookies, and watch Miracle on 34th Street. We just realized yesterday that Christmas is next week… Where does it all go? I was excited to make a Felt Poinsettia Ornament the other day while the baby was napping.

It’s not too late to do that! 🙂 This is so easy… no sewing, all hot glue. I haven’t used a hot glue gun in a while! The smell is very distinct – it reminds me of all the crafts we used to make with Mom when we were younger.

Poinsettia Felt Ornament

No template is needed for the petals. Just follow roughly the size and shape of what I’m showing, and cut them all about the same size. You can make these as big or small as you want. 

You’ll Need:
Red Felt (I used wool felt)
1/4″ Ribbon
Pearle Beads
Hot Glue Gun and Glue

1. Trace and cut out 10 petals from the felt.

2. Make the base of the flower first. Glue the first 3 petals as shown – then add the remaining 2.


3. Now, the 5 remaining petals need to be glued like so –


This will add dimension to the flower.

4. Glue the 5 petals to the flower base.



So easy! 🙂

5. Now, glue your beads to the center. For the size beads I had, I only needed 7. You may need more or less, or as many as you’d like!


6. Now, glue a loop of ribbon (as big or small as you like) to the back of the flower. I cut out a small circle of felt and glued it over the center. Just to make it neat.


Done. Merry Christmas!


~ Jessica ~


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