How to Make the Best Layered Enchilada Casserole

How to Make the Best Layered Enchilada Casserole

Preparing the meat or beans for this casserole ahead of time helps save time. Freeze in portions equivalent to the servings needed. This serves 11 people and used a 9×13 pan, plus an 8×8. If you want to adjust the recipe to a smaller crowd, just hover over the servings in people and slide to adjust!




  1. Saute onions and chopped mushrooms with butter in a large skillet. 
    Saute mushrooms and onions for layered enchilada casserole
  2. Now, soup! I didn’t think I would like it. We’ve been making our white sauce for so long, but this is a good substitute when you are short on time to make it from scratch.
  3. Add the cream of chicken and mushroom soups, tomatoes with chilis, chicken broth, garlic, and spices. Mix up and let bubble for a few minutes.
    Add tomatoes and chilis to layered enchilada casserole
  4. Spray the pans with non-stick spray. Start layering your casserole. You’ll be doing this twice so use half of the mixture on each layer for each pan. Cover the bottom of your pan/pans with tortillas, overlapping is fine. 
  5. Cover the tortillas with your meat or bean choice and the soup mixture.
    Add cream soup mixture layered enchilada casserole
  6. Add cheeses and a portion of enchilada sauce. OH YUMMY! I’ve found that a good rustic white cheddar is the best cheese to use for this casserole.
    Repeat the same layer.
    Add Cheddar Cheese Layered Enchilada Casserole
  7. With cheeses as the ending layer, add the rest of enchilada sauce and top with chopped green onions. 
    Add enchilada sauce layered casserole
  8. Bake at 375 degrees for about 40 minutes until bubbly and brown. Brown rice is a great side with this!


You’ll need non-stick spray for the casserole dishes.

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