Make Super Easy Mini-Quilts
for Every Beginner

Complete Video Quilting Course for beginners!

Brought to You by Joyous Home

Are you ready to learn to quilt?

I have compiled a video course, Make Super Easy Mini-Quilts for Every Beginner! Certainly, those who have some quilting experience or just desire to be part of a quilting group will benefit from the course. 

This course is very complete, all taught by videos with instruction downloads, blank templates and more - at your own pace with a forum for support. 

Mini-Quilts are the base of the course

We chose mini-quilts for their super cuteness and compact learning opportunity. 

We don't want a quilt to drag on when first learning. I wanted the lessons to hold quick learning techniques, then move on to the next skill, next quilt.

Mini-Quilt Series

Core Technique and Quilt specific videos

Our videos were put together with beginners in mind. However, even those who know the basics can be challenged in making these adorable quilts!

Sewing Triangles - One of 34 Videos

Along with our videos you can join our forum and find friends! I've always liked the idea of a private group without constrictive rules and games. We formed a private forum for the members of the course. We also have a public forum alongside it if you love homemaking and want to find homemaking friends!


Joyous Homemaking Forum

Our forums are very new! It will take time to find the crowd it will serve. My goal is to move away from FB as it's too controlled for my liking. Currently, I allow the public to see most posts on the forum, (private quilting forum excluded) and no one can comment or participate in any forum unless they are members. I can easily remove anyone. I hope you find the forums a safe haven for finding like-minded homemakers. 

What do you get in the course?

I have compiled core videos that will help with the general techniques in each mini-quilt, along with video lessons for each quilt in the mini-series. Each mini-quilt has a printable blank student diagram to test your own color palette and printable pdf instructions. My entire course curriculum on the landing page of the portal! Along with my supply video.
See it all here!

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    Core Videos 
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    Videos Unique to Each Quilt
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    PDF Instructions plus Diagrams
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    Private Member Support Forum inside Joyous Homemaking

Mini-Quilt Series One - includes 3 Mini-Quilts!  
Your lessons will be available at your pace!

Mini-Quilt Special!

Get the Mini-quilt series one for only $29.00!

Reg. price after June 15th $69.00

Buy now at this great price, and start later if you'd like! See all the quilts in the lesson, plus the entire curriculum on the course portal. 

Keep me updated!

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