Baby’s First Foods – Guide to Family Nourishment


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Baby’s First Foods is a wonderful guide to milling, pressure cooking and making fresh foods from whole grain. Homemade baby food is the first feature of the book. Hardback, 128 pages.


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  • Baby Food Basics – Methods and Equipment, Quantity Storage and Cost, Is Baby Ready?
  • First Grains, Fruits and Vegetables – The Whole Grain, Cooking Grains, Types of Wheat, Beans for Added Nutrition, Milling Beans, Cooking times, Grain Combinations
  • First Foods for Two Months
  • First Family Recipes – Breakfast, Easy Family Dinners, Sauces and Additions, Crackers and Cookies, PLUS a Holiday Dinner
  • Making Bread From Whole Grain – The Process, Mixers, Mills, Flakers, The Grains and Just Good Info, Whole Grain Breads, Tea Breads
  • Baby Wisdom

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Baby’s First Foods takes the guesswork out of preparing fresh, inexpensive baby foods from real, whole foods. Even if you are experienced with whole-foods cooking, you will benefit from my book. Specific cooking times for pressure cooking and stove-top cooking are provided for a number of grains, fruits, and vegetables. Two month’s worth of daily menus are included, introducing one new food at a time.

If whole-foods cooking is new to you, you will benefit from the methods and equipment instruction. Milling your own grain, pressure cooker use, cooking dry beans, and more are included.

Baby’s First Foods makes a wonderful gift for young mothers—one that will enrich their lives and the lives of their children for many years to come as they enjoy the benefits of good health produced by sound nutrition. It makes a good addition to whole-foods cookbook collections, with its specific cooking instructions and yummy recipes. It would even be a good option for inclusion in a hope chest! Hardback, 128 pages.

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