Seasons at Home Magazine – Bundle 2


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Spring and Summer Seasons at Home Magazine issues in a bundle.

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Spring 2009

The Honeybee Tea, The Hope Chest: Quilt¬≠ing, The Teacher‚Äôs Desk (Father project), Build a Boy‚Äôs Tool¬≠box, Home¬≠made Yogurt, Hair Han¬≠kies, Home¬≠made Soap, A Hon¬≠ey¬≠bee Tea, A Pleated Sewing Case and more!  

Sum¬≠mer 2009

This issue con¬≠tains Make a Book¬≠shelf, (what home¬≠school fam¬≠ily doesn‚Äôt need another!), Trou¬≠bleshoot¬≠ing a Small Engine, Regency Tea Treats, and A Prairie Tea along with mak¬≠ing Prairie Hats! Dry¬≠ing Food for Bak¬≠ing, Rel¬≠ish and Beans, Whole¬≠grain Tor¬≠tillas, Embroi¬≠dered Sewing Bag, and Cute Pin Cushions.  

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